Thank you for your interest in working with Politicl. We want to take this opportunity to inform you that this would be an unpaid 3-month internship, extendable on mutual agreement. However, all interns will be given mainstream work responsibilities that we will rely on heavily for the achievement of our organizational goals. If selected, you will be expected to live up to high standards of performance. This will not be a full-time internship, and remote working is absolutely fine.

We strongly encourage you to go through our Instagram account in detail ( to understand the kind of posts that we create. There are two kinds of roles available

Editorial Internships
For editorial interns, as a part of the application process, you are required to complete a brief writing assignment based on these posts. You are required to provide content for three posts that you think Politicl should publish. Feel free to choose the topics that interest you, but keep in mind that they should be relevant and/or current. Every post should include the following:

1. Text on post – This is the most important part of the post. A single post could contain from one to eight slides. Typically, our posts contain text explaining a relevant issue or significant news story. Sometimes, a post could include just quotes, or simply one-line updates about significant developments. The goal here is to post content with depth, and not just trivial news.

2. A caption – this could be from 20 to 150 words explaining the topic you’re talking about. This should provide more context about the topic, and should not just be a repetition of the text on the post.

3. A Title for Promotion as Story – A short title for the post that can be used to promote the post as a story on Instagram. This should be as brief as possible, and definitely not more than 10 words.

Please create a Word document for the writing assignment, and upload it to this form where asked.

Design Internships
For design interns, please upload your portfolio if you have prior design experience. If not, please send us links (on a Word file) of designs that appeal to you.

The last date for all applications is 1st September 2019 midnight.