Politicl’s goal is to enable you to discover high-quality news and news-related content, not just what media companies want you to consume. We believe that great democracies are built on the basis of strong political awareness, and our mission is to help you find, as well as contribute, sensible news-related content. We realize that there are many people, journalists and otherwise, publishing great content, but they don’t always have the reach that they deserve. Politicl provides a platform for you to discover and contribute such content using the power of your vote.

Why Politicl Exists

Community Empowerment: Politicl empowers you – the community – to find, share, fact-check, upvote/downvote as well as discuss news-worthy stories, everyday. Our endeavour is to create India’s first decentralized news network.

Breaking the Breaking News: One of the design flaws of the news media industry is sensationalism – what sounds sensational takes center stage and other important issues are often ignored. The constant barrage of breaking news along with poor standards of professionalism in broadcasting has led to a crisis of confidence in the news industry. We want to ensure that what is important is not overshadowed by what sounds urgent.

Social Media Built-in Bias: Social media is built to show you more of what you like, essentially creating echo chambers of one-sided information. This not only leads to a lack of understanding of different aspects of important issues, it creates a false sense of consensus and blind tribalism. Its’s time to move out of your echo chamber.

Pressure on News Organizations: The Pew Research Center reports* that newspaper print ad revenue fell by nearly two-thirds between 2006 and 2016, from $49 billion to about $18 billion. Often mainstream media companies pretend to be in the news business, but they are really in the ad business. Broadcast and cable TV news are still profitable, but their biggest shows are typically argument and analysis. The vast majority of original reporting on public affairs in India, from local to national, comes from print and online journalists, and their publications are struggling. You can help improve the reach of sensible voices through the power of your vote.